A Broken Chord

Location Cacophony
Reward ??

A Broken Chord is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Go to Trapper's Junction.
  2. Investigate Trapper's Junction.
  3. Talk to Jagged Remedy at Trapper's Junction.
  4. Talk to Mattias.
  5. Tale to Jagged Remedy
  6. Return to Mattias
  7. Talk to Jagged Remedy
  8. Investigate Sentinel Stand



When you first arrive you will see corpses strewn about the place. Loot the corpses and speak to the Unbroken soldier. If you spare him you will gain Wrath with Bledem Mark and if you kill him you'll gain Fear with Landry. Loot the chests to the north and the proceed west. Head south and speak to Jagged Remedy. Afterwards, you can purchase armor from Pyre and be sure to loot the corpse to the west. Then head to the two Unbroken soldiers standing between barricades near the center of the map and speak with Mattias.

Once you're allowed into the encampment, loot all the containers and speak with Mattias and Irentis. You can convince him to join by passing some Lore checks or by telling him you need a blood sacrifice. Afterwards speak with Jagged Remedy. Once finished speak with Mattias again and defeat Irentis. Then speak to Jagged Remedy once more and head to Sentinel Stand.

Head left and loot the containers as you go and be sure to loot the (hidden) cache just after the ramp. Head up the ramp near the end of the walkway and speak with Mattias. After speaking with him defeat the attacking Bane and speak with Janos.

Tips & Tricks

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