A Person of Interest

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A Person of Interest is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

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The ojectives of this quest will vary depending on your path taken.

  1. Find Gino in Deserter's March.
  2. Search for the buried bodies in Twin Rivers.
  3. Speak with Vintara about the bodies in Twin Rivers.
  4. Claim your reward from Vintara in Lethian's Crossing.


  1. Speak with Gino.
  2. Find out who's spreading the rumors about Gino.
  3. Speak with Gino.
  4. Find the bodies in Twin Rivers.
  5. Confront Alagan at Lethian's Crossing.
  6. Speak to Eldian.



After visiting Deserter's March and acquiring the map from the Disfavored corpse there, Gino will appear and if you speak to him he will tell you that someone is spreading rumors about him and he wan'ts you to find out who. Speak with Eldian and then speak with the merchant Basila in the middle of town. He will tell you to speak with the merchant Helina who is across the river to the right of him. Once finished, speak to Gino once more.

Gino will mark the locations of the bodies on the map you found in Twin Rivers and you will need to travel there to investigate. Head to the bottom bushy area and use Athletics to climb up and then dig through the soil there to discover the bodies. Next head back to Lethian's Crossing to confront Alagan. Then go speak to Eldian.

If you sided with the Disfavored, Gino will appear to give this quest in Lethian's Crossing after the Bronze Brotherhood attack insted.



Tips & Tricks

  • WARNING: If you send Eldian to Cacophony before turning in this quest to him you will not be able to complete it.

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    • Anonymous

      20 Jun 2021 15:14  

      Can't confront/talk to Alagan.
      Probably because I forgot to talk with him before starting act 3, but the quest is still open

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