A Trial of Archons

Location Tunon's Court
Reward ??

A Trial of Archons is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  • Gain evidence against Graven Ashe
    • Disfavored forces were either unqualified or too undermanned to take Duskwatch by force, demonstrating Ashe's misappropriation of soldiers even in his home territory.
    • Disfavored soldiers wanted the Steadfast Insignia, an artifact lost in the Oldwalls. They sent a civilian to trespass within the Blade Grave Oldwalls on their behalf.(On a body at Blade Grave Oldwalls)
    • Ashe's daughter colluded with the Unbroken Regent, producing an heir. (Making a Stand)
    • During the conquest, Ashe sent his soldiers to march on Sentinel Stand even though the Edict was imminent.
    • Disfavored soldiers encroached on a Scarlet Chorus operation in the Stone Sea, territory legally claimed by the Voices of Nerat.
    • Maric, an Oqth Bound scout master, lost track of his own soldiers in the Library. (The Ties That Bind)
    • Disfavored soliders encroached on a Scarlet operation in the Stone Sea, territory legally claimed by the Vocies of Nerat.
  • Evidence against the Voices of Nerat
    • Scarlet Chorus recruits were permitted to engage in a Tiersman festival - colluding with the enemy during a time of war.
    • Scarlet Chorus stole arms and armor from Disfavored corpses - a reprehensible crime to Northern soldiers.
    • Scarlet Chorus '"inadvertently" poisoned Disfavored warriors at the siege of voice.
    • Scarlet Chorus raided Disfavored provisions.
    • Scarlet Chorus soldiers were seen fighting alongside the Stalwart defenders.
    • Scarlet Chorus sought to conscript new recruits from the Forge-Bound, who are under Tunon's protection.
    • Scarlet Chorus desired the knowledge of captured Sages.
    • The Voices of Nerat wanted the Forge-Bound Master taken from Tunon's care and sent to him.
    • The Voices of Nerat unleashed the Archon Sirin, who sowed chaos and even enthralled a Disfavored soldier.
    • The Scarlet Chorus attempted to bribe you to get iron weapons during the Conquest.
    • The Voices of Nerat consumed Graven Ashe's imprisoned son during the siege of Vendrien's Well. (This fact can be uncovered during the final conversation with the Archons, when you decide who to follow.)
    • The Voices of Nerat was feeding the Stalwart defenders Disfavored battle plans during the Conquest. (Obtain the Damp Mission Report at Sentinel Stand.)
    • The Scarlet Chorus aided the Unbroken during the civil war. ( Obtain the Disfavored Patrol Map from Elia at the Rust Canyons.)
    • Jagged Remedy was conscripting from the Unbroken when his forces were forbidden from the region. (Obtain Jagged Remedy's Orders at the Trapper's Junction.)
    • The Voices of Nerat was using Harchiand Bronze to funnel weapons to the Vendrien Guard. (Bring the House Seal to Harchiand Bronze and persuade him to tell the truth.)
    • Garrick, a Forge-Bound apprentice, sought knowledge within the Oldwalls. The garrison looked the other way. (Find Garrick. Only available if you administrated the Crossing during the Conquest and granted it to the Chorus.)
    • The Censor sought the forbidden knowledge of the Silent Archive. (Reach the Silent Archive and confront The Censor.)
    • The Censor pit Horde soldiers against one another as part of a sadistic game. (Simply talk to the gang leaders.)
    • Foul Murmur tortured Disfavored soldiers before the civil war. (Acquire the singed Scarlet Chorus report from Murmur.)



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    • Anonymous

      21 Nov 2016 10:29  

      Hey, quick question, how much evidence do I need to condemn the Voices of Nerat? Pretty sure I've got 6 or 7 pieces of evidence against him but I'm not sure if it's enough. Second, are you forced to reveal all evidence you've gathered, and by this I mean on both the Scarlet Chorus and Disfavored, or can you keep quiet about the evidence against whatever faction you are allied with?

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        17 Nov 2016 18:15  

        Could anyone kindly update to know the locations for the evidence please?

        I'm about to meet Tunon and don't have enough evidence for Nerat.. -_-''...

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