Bastard's Wound is a location in Tyranny.

Bastard's Wound Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

At first, there weren't too many quests and you can't explore other areas. You have to help one of the leaders by completing Knapping on the Job or Tide Together to unlock other quests.

Most of the teleports in Bastard's Wound require keystones to open. Complete Midnight Wanderer and Gambler's Ruin to acquire keystones.


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Bastard's Wound Sub Areas

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Notable NPCs




Notable Items

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    • Anonymous

      10 Mar 2020 07:02  

      SUPER IMPORTANT WARNING: If you side with either of the the asshole men you WILL get a sad ending. DO NOT HUNT THE BEASTWOMAN FOR EITHER OF THEM THEY BOTH SUCK. To progress, say you'll not kill them all , do ONE favor, and then refuse to kill the beast for either. Pick up the side quests and use them to get into the dungeons.

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