Blades of Iron

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Blades of Iron is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

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  1. Travel to Lethian's Crossing.
  2. Speak to Iron Guard Vintara.
  3. Destroy the Bronze Brotherhood garrison.
  4. Destroy the Scarlet Chorus garrison.
  5. Speak to Eldian.
  6. Visit the Forge.
  7. Observe as Zdenya places the Magebane Helm.
  8. Enter the Oldwalls at Lethian's Crossing.
  9. Kill the Bane.
  10. Return to Zdenya.
  11. Find Eldian.



  • Travel to Lethian's Crossing, if you did not clean this area before. You will need to Destroy Bronze Brotherhood garrison first, then speak with Iron Guard Vintara.
  • Visit the Forge, speak with Zdenya and Eldian. Then Oberve Zdenya places the Magebane Helm.
  • Enter the Spire and defeat the banes, Bronze Brottherhood will ambush the village. Proceed to quest The Bronze Thief


Tips & Tricks

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