Burning Library Entrance is an location in Tyranny.

Burning Library Entrance Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

If you sided with Disfavored, you need to defeat the Scarlet Chorus force here to enter the Burning Library.

Left side of the area, there is a sage captured by some Scarlet Chorus troops, you can free him if killed thoses Scarlet Chorus troops. That sage will thank you and says he will join other sages at Effigy, gain major favor from Sage's Guild. (Even if you already killed every sage in Effigy.)

Inside the Scarlet Chorus camp you can find Jelena, the Disfavored "traitor". You can decide to kill her or let her live. After you saved other 2 Disfavored scouts inside the Library, report back to Maric.


  • Contested Lands


Burning Library Entrance Sub Areas


Notable NPCs




Notable Items

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