Cairn's Final Song

Location Cacophony
Reward ??

Cairn's Final Song is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Misery
  • Octave
  • Hundred-Blood



  1. Travel to Halfgate.
  2. Speak with Misery.
  3. Travel to Stone Down.
  4. Speak with Octave.
  5. Speak with Hundred-Blood.



Travel to Halfgate. Once there speak with Tangled Limb to pick up the quest Battle at Jagged Maw Shrine. Then head up and speak with Grayson to acquire the quest Search and Rescue. Speak with Rancor and gain the quest In Chains. Then speak to Misery and then head to Stone Down Gorge.

Once there, head left and interact with the crystal formation for some free xp, then head down the ramp and speak with Octave. He will give you the quest Conscripting the Beasts. Head left and disarm the trap and loot the bodies nearby. Head down the ramp nearby and loot the (hidden) cache under it to find a Sigil of Illusion. Climb down the rope and loot the corpse. Remove the boulder to reveal a corpse in the water. Then head right and loot the containers and find the charcoal rubbing for Aurora Spire. Interact with the crystal and head back up the rope.

Head up and right, to the NPCs until you come to another rope just above them. Climb it and loot the corpse to get the plans for Zeal. Head back down and Climb up and the rope the rope on the right and loot the corpse and then head back down and speak to the beastwoman. Afterwards head across the bridge. If you have the quest Search and Rescue, speak with Stone-Warden to release the prisoners here and then speak with Dracod. Search the area looting the containers. The is an Elixir of Vitality in a (hidden) container near Hundred-Blood. Speak to Hundred-Blood.

You will get the quest Fangs and Fury and Gulfglow Oldwalls will become available on your map.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??

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