Call to Arms

Location Iron Hearth / Cacophony
Reward ??

Call to Arms is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Graven Ashe



  1. Speak with Graven Ashe
  2. March on Cacophony
  3. Defeat the Scarlet Chorus forces
  4. Confront the Voices of Nerat
  5. Return to Graven Ashe



  • After you returned from Tunon's Court, Graven Ashe will order you to march to Cacophony and defeat Voices of Nerat. You can obey his orders, or you can ask him to bow before you.
  • You will need 4 favor from Disfavored to convince Graven Ashe you are the better leader. If you failed to convince him, you will need to fight him
  • Travel to Cacophony, defeat Scarlet Chorus forces and Vocies of Nerat. Dont forget to loot the bodies.
  • Return to Graven Ashe.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??

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