Carving the Path

Location Iron Hearth
Stone Down Gorge
Reward ??

Carving the Path is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Graven Ashe



  1. Eliminate the Stonewalkers
  2. Speak with Radix at Howling Rock
  3. Update Graven Ashe



  • If you sided with disfavored, some Scarlet Chorus will show up and ambush you in this area. A fraction of the Rune to Aurora Spire can be found at the south of this map, on a body near the ruined building.

    Proceed to lower part of this map, the beastmen guard stops you to enter their territory, you can attact them, or tell them you are here for negotiation. If you have Kills-in-Shadow in your party, you can also pass.

    A beastmen named Rift-Dig can give you a quest Divide and Conquer.

    You can negotiate with Hundred-Blood for a safe path, if you failed ,you need to wipe out the beastmen tribe in this area. After all the beastmen been defeated, you can free the scavengers for quest Search and Rescue.


Tips & Tricks

  • Before you wipe out the stonewalkers, get the quest Divide and Conquer by speak with Rift-Dig.

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