Console Commands of Tyranny is shown in this page.

To use console commands, press ~ and Enter. Then, input iRoll20s to allow debug codes. For the German version, press ö and Enter.


Console Commands List




FreeRecipesToggle Free equipment upgrades.
God God mode (disables log).
HealParty Heal all party members.
UnlockAll Unlock current map containers.
unlockallmaps Unlock all maps.
addallcompanions Add all companions instantly.
Rest Rest
givemoney X Add money to player.
AddExperience X Add exp to every party member.
AddExperienceToLevel X Add enough exp to level X.
skill [player] [Skill name] [Num] Set skill level of player. Example: skill player lore 200
attributescore [player] [Attribute name] [X] Set certain player attribute. Example: attributescore player might 30
AddAbility [Player] [Ability name] Add certain ability/talent to player. Click for list of abilities
RemoveAbility [Character id] [Ability name] Remove certain ability/talent from character. Ex: removeability comp_mobiledamage abl_comp_verse_stance_redgeyser
GiveItemWithQuality [item] [quality] Add item with certain quality. List of items id
RemoveItem [item id] Removes item from inventory. Ex: removeitem quest_water_bucket
GiveItem [Recipe] Add recipe.
reputationaddpoints [Faction] [Axis] [Value] [Reason]
reputationremovepoints [Faction] [Axis] [Value] [Reason]

Change faction reputation.
Example: reputationaddpoints SK_GravenAshe positive 8 585

this add Favor points to Graven Ashe with record in history  "Graven Ashe was impressed by your honorable words and actions."

[Axis] posible values "positive" - Favor, "negative" - Wrath

[Value] can be 1,2,4,8 which is VeryMinor, Minor, Major and VeryMajor but you may experiment with other values

[Reason] can be omitted in that way record in history will be "No reason given for reputation change."

List of possible [Reason] values is in Tyranny_Data\data\exported\localized\<lang>\text\game\reputationchangereasons.stringtable

Keep in mind - some NPC may have alternative hidden reputation scales, for example archons have conftontation counters in global variables independent from reputation score. So they can angry even if your reputation is good. It is better do not anger them without couse.

Some [Faction] possible values "SK_GravenAshe","SK_VoicesSoldak","Disfavorite","ScarletChorus"

exec spellcreation

Learn all spell sigils, sets Lore to 170

learnspellsymbol [Symbol] false

Learn spell symbol. Example: learnspellsymbol symbol_earth false
learnspellshape [Shape] false Learn spell shape. Example: learnspellshape shape_bolt false
learnspellmodifier [Accent] false Learn spell accent. Example: learnspellmodifier mod_range_I false
learnspellmodifier [Modifier] false Learn spell modifier. Example: learnspellmodifier mod_secondary_bleeding false
learnedictpackage [edict] Learn Edict. Example: learnedictpackage edict_fire
Warning: may break your game!
deactivateedict [edict] Deactivate a certain edict. Example: deactivateedict bladeGrave
Warning: may break your game!
addallcompanions Add all companions.
Warning: may break your game!
clearachievement [achievement] Add achievement. Example: clearachievement TYR_ACH_001
Warning: may break your game!
AdvanceTimeByHours [x] Advance time by certain hours. Ex: advancetimebyhours 100
NoFog Removes fog of war
SetZoomRange [x x] Set min-max zoom range. Ex: setzoomrange 0.2 2

Note: Console has different names (id) for each companion except Sirin (Comp_Sirin). They are as follow: Comp_MobileDamage (Verse), Comp_Defender (Barik), Comp_Historian (Lantry), Comp_RangedMagic (Eb), Comp_Beastman (Kills-in-Shadow)

Useful Codes



AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_ApplyTheLash Add Apply the Lash
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_AuraOfCommand Add Aura of Command
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_CallToBattle Add Call to Battle
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_RefusePain Add Refuse Pain
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_Resurgence Add Resurgence
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_Undying Add Undying
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Leadership_SwapPositions Add Swap Positions
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Charge Add Charge
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Disarm Add Disarm
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_LeapingKick Add Leaping Kick
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Unfettered Add Unfettered
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_WhirlwindStrike Add Whirwind Strike
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_FlurryOfBlows Add Flurry of Blows
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_LegSweep Add Leg Sweep
AddAbility Player Abl_PC_Agility_Slice Add Slice
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Bronze_Armor_CommandersPlate Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Cloth_Armor_HeirarchsRobes Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Leather_Boots_NightwalkersBoots Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Iron_Gloves_BindingOfShadows Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Iron_GloveS_BindingOfShadowsPair Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Leather_GLOVE_AlchemistsGloves Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Bronze_HelmOfTheFirstRegent Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Cloth_HELM_FaceOfJudgment Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality ART_Steel_HELM_MagebaneHelm Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_OBS_Axe_Deathbringer Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_IR_Dagger_HeartsBlood Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_BR_Scepter_FinalScream Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_SHLD_AzureShield Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_SHLD_TheBaneward Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_BR_Spear_Sunlance Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_BR_Sword_Dauntless Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_IR_Sword_Snowfang Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_OBS_Axe_Deathbringer Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_ST_Sword_Stormcaller Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_Mace_Peacemaker Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_SP_BOW_Gravebow Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_BR_STF_StaffOfHours Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnFinesse Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnMight Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnQuickness Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnResolve Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnVitality Superior  
GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_2H_IR_STF_StaffOfCairnWits Superior  
Giveitemwithquality WPN_ART_2H_BR_Hammer_HammerOfSunder Superior  
learnspellsymbol symbol_earth false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_stone false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_fire false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_frost false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_lightning false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_heal false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_passion false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_hallucination false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_gravelight false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_strengthen false  
learnspellsymbol symbol_weaken false  
learnspellshape shape_bolt false  
learnspellshape shape_cone false  
learnspellshape shape_aura false  
learnspellshape shape_armor false  
learnspellshape shape_field false  
learnspellshape shape_rain false  
learnspellshape shape_touch false  
learnspellshape shape_trap false  
learnspellshape shape_weapon false  
learnspellshape shape_line false  
learnspellmodifier mod_range_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_range_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_range_III false  
learnspellmodifier mod_intensity_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_intensity_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_intensity_III false  
learnspellmodifier mod_intensity_IV false  
learnspellmodifier mod_accuracy_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_accuracy_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_accuracy_III false  
learnspellmodifier mod_accuracy_IV false  
learnspellmodifier mod_aoesize_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_aoesize_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_aoesize_III false  
learnspellmodifier mod_chain_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_chain_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_dtbypass_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_dtbypass_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_dtbypass_III false  
learnspellmodifier mod_duration_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_duration_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_duration_III false  
learnspellmodifier mod_recovery_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_recovery_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_recovery_III false  
learnspellmodifier mod_interrupt_I false  
learnspellmodifier mod_interrupt_II false  
learnspellmodifier mod_interrupt_III false  
learnedictpackage edict_fire  
learnedictpackage edict_stone  
learnedictpackage edict_storm  
learnedictpackage edict_malediction  
learnedictpackage edict_nightfall  
deactivateedict bladeGrave  
deactivateedict BurningLibrary  
deactivateedict StoneSea  
clearachievement TYR_ACH_001 001 - 050, all achievements.

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    • Anonymous

      What is your character's player id (The Fatebinder) because I've tried "player_newcharacter(clone)_0" but it changed nothing. Any ideas?

      • Anonymous

        Before any of these commands will work, you first have to enable cheats by pressing the ~ key (next to the 1 on most keyboards) and tapping Enter to open the command console. With the console open, type iRoll20s to enable cheats. Typing it again will disable them.

        • Anonymous

          How do you increase weapon skills for the player. It works no problem with my companions but when I do it for my character it won't work. Am I doing something wrong? I put: Skill Player Staff 50, can anyone help?

          • Anonymous

            Let's see, this should be better organized, than to use certain codes you have to be a fortune teller.
            For example, specify if the code affects only the main character or it can also be used with the companions, because if you want to add attribute points, what is the name? Since I just started and my first companion is called Rima and in the portraits folder says "Verse", I suppose it is the translation of the game, even so I can't get it to work with the companions.
            Like the name of attributes, which we have to guess in most, since the "power" would not be easier to leave the code in ... I don't know, "POWER" or if they hurry me ... "Power" and the same goes for the rest.
            In short, the worst compilation of codes for a game, because in any of them the use of these codes is specified in detail, it seems incredible that these people have participated in fallout new vegas.
            Nothing, it seems that I will have to use the cheat engine that is faster and more comfortable than pressing the "Ñ" and "Enter" to put a code, yes, the only one that is worth it is the fog.

            • Anonymous

              I really want to try out some of them, but i cant use the console... ;C
              I press the " +/~/* "-Button and than Enter, but nothing happens... do i something wrong?

              • Anonymous

                I just want everone to know that I fixed my problem with trying to understand why the above item codes WILL NOT WORK!!!
                for example: if you want the Commanders Plate above you would put in GiveItemWIthQuality ART_Bronze_Armor Superior....RIGHT.....WRONG!!! this WILLL NOT WORK!!!...PERIOD!!!end of *****ing sentence and any help from this page is well better luck next life i guesss well I finally *****ing cracked the sonofa***** the correct way to input the code is:itdontmatter if its capitalized yet parts of the code DO in fact have to be but anyway here it is:giveitem Space(dontwritespacejusthititonce)(thisalwaysconfusesthe*****outofme)(soiwillwritethecodetwice) ART_Bronze_Armor_CommandersPlate 1
                forthose of you not frusterated like me it goes: giveitem ART_Bronze_Armor_CommandersPlate 1 the last number is a quantity input it can be as many as you want!!!!!!

                • Anonymous

                  None of the GiveItemWithQuality Codes seem to be working for me am I doing something WRONG HERE
                  I Input keeping in mind all other codes work for me : GiveItemWithQuality WPN_ART_1H_BR_Scepter_Finalscream Superior (and the ammout) i tried it several times with or without the ammount to no avail

                  • Anonymous

                    found some more commands:
                    exec money (add money)
                    exec leadership (add some leadership tree abilities)
                    exec magic (add some magic tree abilities)

                    • Anonymous

                      anybody else may dig further with simple file search in assembly-csharp.dll. I found interesting values like:
                      BaseResolve BaseMight BaseFinesse BaseQuickness BaseWits BaseVitality BaseSpellSlots ResolveBonus MightBonus FinesseBonus QuicknessBonus WitsBonus VitalityBonus BaseEnduranceDefense BaseWillDefense BaseMagicDefense StealthSkill AthleticsSkill LoreSkill MechanicsSkill OneHandedSkill DualWieldSkill TwoHandedSkill StaffSkill UnarmedSkill BowsSkill MagicalWeaponSkill LightArmorSkill HeavyArmorSkill ParrySkill DodgeSkill EngagementSkill ProtectionSkill Spell_FireSkill Spell_FrostSkill Spell_LightningSkill Spell_AcidSkill Spell_StrengthenSkill Spell_WeakenSkill Spell_FrenzySkill Spell_HealSkill Spell_FearSkill Spell_DrainSkill Spell_HallucinationSkill Spell_SpiritCallSkill Spell_TidecastingSkill Spell_GravitySkill Spell_StoneSkill PerformanceSkill ThrownSkill

                      • Anonymous

                        possible arguments for skill player X Y (X value):
                        stealth (subterfuge)

                        if you wanna thank me for those just make sure "discovered by overdrone" disclaimer is added

                        • Anonymous

                          spell command: exec spellcreation (but not sure if it will work with game version 1.4, i got problems with console, nothing works).

                          • Anonymous

                            It be nice if there was a command that would just give you ALL sigils and symbols and everything you need to all the spell combinations.

                            • Anonymous

                              additem money_01_ir X - adds X iron rings
                              additem money_01_cr X - adds X copper rings
                              additem money_01_br X - adds X bronze rings

                              • Anonymous

                                The person who made this page forgot the "exec" commands: exec accessories "exec armor" "exec artifacts" "exec consumables" "exec junk" "exec preorderitems" "exec spellcreation" "exec weapons" "exec skypillar" "exec biography" "exec oldwall" (exec spellcreation, the most easy way to complete the spell collection)

                                • Anonymous

                                  anyone know how to change reputation for the better? I've been toying with the reputationset code, but I can only add wrath, not favor

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