Darkened Hollow is an location in Tyranny.

Darkened Hollow Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

This area is unlocked after you received Midnight Wanderer quest from Eisly. (Through southern portal of Bastard's Wounds)

Once you have the Cymo Torchkey (found at Darkened Hollow), you can teleport here from The Abyss. There's some Jaspos mercenary waiting for you, kill them and loot the Darkened Hollow Keystone.

Use the Cymo Torchkey to explore the lower part of this area, after you defeated a group of banes, you will find Jadis Torchkey from a body.

After you drain the water, explore the west lower part and you can find a parchment from a body, show it to Sirin will gain some loyalty from her, and Lantry wants you to find more of these. You can hand over the parchment to your researcher at spire to study, Sirin will learn new things from it. (Need to reach ACT III to progress) When you explore Cairn's Passage with Sirin, Sirin will find a stone that allows her to decipher more about the parchment. This opens up a couple new dialogue trees that eventually upgrade her helm to have a pretty powerful new artifact ability.

Another chronicle Lantry wanted can be found in the southwest room.

On the east side of this map, there is another mural. The second mural is on the north side of area, unlocked when you have the Tanza Torchkey.

Fractured Depth Keystone can be found on a body near the east portal.


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Darkened Hollow Sub Areas

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Notable NPCs

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Notable Items

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