The first step to start a new game is to select the difficulty level, there are four difficulty levels in this game. In addtion to that, you can also select Expert Mode or Trial of Iron.

Story Mode

The story mode difficulty setting requires minimal micromanagement and easily forgives mistakes in combat. Enemies recieve a penalty to most stats. Companion Combat AI is enabled by default and party members do not recieve wounds until they are knocked out.


The normal difficulty requires strategy efficiency, but forgives a few mistakes in combat. Companion Combat AI is enabled by default.


The hard difficulty is suited for veteran players of isometric RPGs (such as Pillar of Eternity) who are looking for a challenge. Survival requires micromanagement and optimization of stats through items, spells and abilities. Enemy AI is more efficient and uses abilities more frequently.

Path of Damned

In the Path of Damned difficulty, enemies recieve a bonus to most stats, have the most efficient AI and will very frequently use abilities. Party members take more wounds during combat and when being knocked out. This diffculty level can only be chosen when starting a new game.


  • Expert Mode: Expert Mode disables a number of helper features in the game. Player who want to rely on their own faculties and intuition while playing the game should play Expert Mode. This option is selected when you start a new game. It cannot be enabled in game and, if disabled, cannot be re-enabled in that game.
  • Trial of Iron: If trial of Iron is enabled, only one save slot is permitted. If your party is defeated, the game ends, your save is lost, and you must start again. Recommended only for those who seeks a greater challenge. This can only be modified when starting a new game.



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