Disfavored Camp is an location in Tyranny.

Disfavored Camp Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

Upon entering this area and taking a few steps north, Verse will speak with you about what you are doing here. You can lie to her if you have 32 Lore or you can use Subterfuge if you have 32 Subterfuge. You will gain loyalty with her if you tell her the truth. There is also a chest behind Sterling Hagnon that can be picked if you have 39 Subterfuge.

Speak to Sterling Hagnon and make a decision about him selling goods there. If you decide to judge what should be done you will lose favor with the Disfavored. You can use Lawbreaker to gain favor with the Disfavored or Hunter here. There are also Subterfuge (30) and Lore (30) checks as well. If you pass the Lore check you can then use an Athletics (32) check. If you decide to let him sell but pay hansomely for it, you will incur no wrath or favor from the disfavored or Lethian's Crossing. If you let him go freely, you will lose favor and incur wrath from the Disfavored. If you tell him to leave or kill him you will gain favor with Disfavored, but lose access to his inventory.

Inside the camp, there is a Merchant named Pentibor you can buy equipments from. If you passed the subterfuge (20) check you can also steal from him, he will notice but dare not to protest. You also can speak to Lucia and Marcus if you would like to train some of your Skills. Isotanis, located to the bottom right of the map will give you the quest Forge-Bound Iron if you speak with him. He will also sell you some really expensive Armor and Weapons. After looting any of the locked chests around the camp, head into the tent and speak with the Archons. During the conversation you will have many chances to gain favor or lose favor with them and their factions, so choose wisely. 

After the conversation, loot the tent and head out to speak with Ceveus. If you offer to help him you will unlock a new map and pick up the quest Earthshaker Reinforcements. After speaking to him, speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos to progress the quest The Battle of Echocall Crossing and acquire Barik as a Companion. Once these are done feel free to move on to the next location. Keep in mind you will have 8 days until everyone in the valley is killed, so be sure to watch the time you spend traveling.

Head next to the Scarlet Chorus Camp.


Return to the Disfavored Camp

After you have completed all other quest objectives in Vendrien's Well, it is time to return to the Disfavored Camp.

  • Speak with Ceveus and complete Earthshaker Reinforcements.
  • Speak with Isotanis and complete Forge-Bound Iron.
  • Outside camp, there is one Scarlet Chorus horde charged with stealing equipment from Disfavored, though he claim he merely loot it from some dead enemy. Returning the hemlet to Disfavored will gain their favor, or vice versa for the Scarlet Chorus. If you negotiate to have the helmet sold for 1 copper you gain favor with Tunon and do not lose favor with either faction.
  • Inside the camp there are a Chorus and a Disfavored that are arguing over a falx, if you negotiate that the Disfavored makes an effort to honor is ally by giving him a decent weapon if not the falx you gain favor with Tunon. If you follow with "Man up" reply you also gain favor with the Disfavored.

Then head into the tent and speak with the Archons.

The decisions made in this dialogue are massive in terms of favor so be sure you know where you stand before entering. You can seriously piss off either faction and can even cause Verse or Barik to leave your party. It is recommended that you save before you enter and reload if you do not get an outcome that you desire.

  • If you have chosen to ally with the Vendrien Guard and are following the quest The Oathbreakers, you may lie to both factions. Chosing the Disfavored will cause the Voices of Nerat to abandon the tent, but Barik will not say anything and Verse will stand by you after being accused of being a spy, if your loyalty is over 3. You will have the option of using a Subterfuge (41) or Lore (41) check to appease Graven Ashe.
    Barik will challenge you as you leave the area, telling him that you're doing Turon's will is enough for him to stay.

You will now have the quest Assault on the Citadel. If you chose the Disfavored, you will need to speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos. If you chose Scarlet Chorus, head to the Scarlet Chorus Camp page. Be warned, you will lose Favor and gain Wrath with Bleden Mark later in the game if you side with them.

If you chose Disfavored, there are no additional people to talk to and you can head to Vendrien's Well Citadel immediately after speaking with the Iron Marshal.

Tips & Notes

  • In Path of Damned diffculty, 8 days may not be enough to take the Vendrien's well. The way to avoid be killed by Kyro's Edict, is to sleep past Day of Sword before you proclaim the Edict before 2 archons, this way you will have about 363 days to spare.
  • You may want to buy some sigils from merchants here.



Disfavored Camp Sub Areas

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Notable Items

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      The subterfuge check for Pentibor must be restricted by pre-war profession. As a Diplomat, I had a dialogue option about whether he feels uncomfortable trading with the occupiers of his homeland (or something along those lines), but there was no option to steal and no subterfuge check available to me. There were 4 or 5 options requiring specific pre-war professions that I couldn't see, though, so I assume it was one of those. Lawbreaker, perhaps?

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