Earthshaker Reinforcements

Location Disfavored Camp

Average Favor with Disfavored

750 rings

Emerald Pin

Earthshaker Reinforcements is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Go to the Northern Clearing.
  2. Look around for signs of the Earthshakers
  3. Return to Ceveus at the Disfavored Camp.



  • Speak with Ceveus in the Disfavored Camp to acquire this quest.
  • Travel to Northern Clearing and defeat the enemies there, then talk to the Earthshaker group to get them to reinforce the camp
  • Return to the Disfavored Camp and find Iron Marshal Erenyos  and Ceveus argueing. War Mage background gives additional favor with the Disfavored. Guild Apprentice background will get additional dialogue choices here, but the default answer completes the quest.


Tips & Tricks

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