Eastern Courtyard is an location in Tyranny.

Eastern Courtyard Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

You visit this location as part of The Oathbreakers quest, which is only available if you have taken the neutral path and sided with the Vendrien Guard.

Go to the Eastern Courtyard, and the walls will fall and allow the factions in. You will be found and gain Very Major Wrath with both Scarlet Chorus and Disfavored. You cannot appease Iron Marshal Erenyos, who will attack you and be defeated by you here. Loot the area and optionally kill all enemies outside the wall before proceeding back to the main courtyard.




Eastern Courtyard Sub Areas

  • None


Notable NPCs




Notable Items

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    • Anonymous

      07 Feb 2017 12:32  

      I have it on the hardest difficulty on my 3rd play through now. I must say I am here and this part seems really imbalanced. There is no real way to win this fight strait up. I have Barik, Verse, Eb and I am a mage. I am level 6. I got all the sigils thus far. Even if I had to buy them I bought them. Its so imba that fighting an earth shaker 1v1 takes forever and can still die. But never mind a 1v1 that never gonna happen you got like a 4v5 going on here. The iron commander Enrenos is really strong but that is expected but tell me why EACH SOLDIER HERE IS LIKE THE HULK? They punch the ground the whole party gets knocked down for 10 seconds which is forever in a battle since you cant do anything. Its just really freaking impossible. I sure I can cheese like run away and get them to chase and wait for the AI to make them go retard mode where they sit there..... but thats not any fun BALANCE THIS!

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