Effigy is an location in Tyranny.

Effigy Information


If you sided with Disfavored, you need to rescue the Disfavored scout captured by Sage's Guild. You can try talk to their leader for releasing him, but she refused all your proposals. (Supringly, Lantry wont lose loyalty if you attack these sages.)

After defeat the Sage's Guild, the caputred Disfavored scout Maric told you he has two soldiers lost inside the library and one switched to Scarlet Chorus. He asked you to rescue these two missing soldiers and kill Jelena.


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  • Contested Lands

Effigy Sub Areas

  • None


  • ??

Notable NPCs

  • Maric



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    • Anonymous

      Sadly, despite having full allegiance with the sageĀ“s guild, the only option available is to fight for talking to Maric. After saving the Sage later he tells me to return to that place and talk to those Sages you had to slay to get to the library.

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