Empowered Chaos

Talent Tree



Chaos Blast
Requires 9 talent points spent in Magic tree.


Cooldown: 1m
Damage: base vs. Magic
Foe Aoe:

  • 3.0m Push
  • Poisoned for 23s
  • Petrified for 9.2s
  • Paralyzed for 9.2s
  • Frozen for 23s
  • Degenerating for 23s
  • Asleep for 23s
  • Stunned for 9.2s
  • Frightened for 23s

Recovery: 1.5s total
Radius: 5.0m
Attack Skills: Lore and Magic Staff
Valid Weapons: All

Empowered Chaos is a talent in Tyranny


Empowered Chaos Description

  • Replaces: Chaos Blast
  • Empower Chaos Blast to knock back enemies and afflict them with random powerful effects.




  • ??







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