Extinguishing the Flames

Location Effigy
Burning Library Entrance
Reward ??

Extinguishing the Flames is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Graven Ashe
  • Maric



  1. Travel to Effigy
  2. Rescue Maric
  3. Go to the Burning Library ruins
  4. Find a way to past magic barrier
  5. Find more parchment pieces
  6. Find the remaining parchement pieces
  7. Find the last parchment piece
  8. Use the parchment pieces to reach the Silent Archive
  9. Report back to Graven Ashe



  • Travel to Effigy and rescue Maric to unlock Burning Library
  • Inside the Burning Library there are banes and Scarlet Chorus forces, defeat them to explore further. (There is one Scarlet Chorus gang you can convince to fight other gangs first)
  • There are two missing Oath Bound in Burning Library, one at upper level and one lower level.(quest The Ties That Bind)
  • You need four parchment pieces to unlock the final magic barrier. Parchment pieces can be found at bookcases. (There is one parchment piece on the north of the statue of lower level, not far from your entrance, dont miss it.)
  • The correct order to unlock the magic barrier is North, South, West, East.
  • Once you in the Silent Archive and defeat the remaining Scarlet Chorus, dont forget to loot the place first (including an artifact Staff of Hour). Once library is destoryed, you can not go back here.
  • Take or destory the Silent Archive.
  • Report to Graven Ashe.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??

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