Final Judgment

Location Tunon's Court
Reward ??

Final Judgment is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Tunon
  • Bleden Mark



  1. Travel to the Bastard City
  2. Face Tunon's Judgement
  3. Accept Tunon's fealty
  4. Defeat Bleden Mark



After the trial of Archons, Tunon will judge you for breaking Kyros' law.

He will first summon your teammates, for witness of character, so bring your most loyal teammates with you will help. If you have 2 favors from Sirin, 3 Favor from Lantry, Eb and Verse, they will defend you here.

Now, you need to defend for yourself. You can point out what you did is for the good of justice, and if you have enough Favor from Tunon (at least 4), he will find you innocent, and bow to you as his new master.

If you dont have enough favor from Bladen Mark, the Archon of Shadows and Court Blade, he will challenge you to a trial by combat. During the battle, he will summon his shadows to attack you, kill them quickly then focus on the Archon himself. Once he is defeated, Tunon will swear loyalty to you in lawful manner.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??

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    • Anonymous

      22 Nov 2016 22:45  

      I have a level 5 favor with him, almost 6 and he still won't be my vassal. So I am thinking you cannot be his overlord unless you are either favor level 6 or on the anarchist path (IE: not chorus/disfavored aligned)

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