Fractured Depth is an location in Tyranny.

Fractured Depth Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

Examine the dead Woundkin for quest Gambler's Ruin

(The portal to Fractured Depth at Bastard's Wounds also leads to Darkened Hollow. However, it only teleports you to Darkened Hollow at specific hours, talk to Eisly to know the time.)

The other parts of this map are unlocked once you reached The Abyss.

There are banes and sleepless wonder in this area,  after you defeated them, jump across the breach and activate the crystal near the portal. This will lift a bridge to that platform. Defeat another group of Wagstaff's men and venturing forth.

Use the Lazu Torchkey to unlock the passage to lower areas. Defeat two groups of banes and you can find the Cymo Torchkey from a dead body.

Use the Cymo Torch key to unlock the upper area, after defeating some banes, you will meet a sleepless woman who's looking a way down. Get the Fractured Depth Keystone from her activate the portal nearby.

The chronicle is on a platform at south side of the area, next to the portal to The Abyss


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Fractured Depth Sub Areas

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Notable NPCs

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Notable Items

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