Heated Words

Location Ascension Hall
Reward ??

Heated Words is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Renata



  1. Meet Renata.
  2. Travel to the Burning Library.
  3. Remove the Scarlet Chorus presence at the Burning Library.
  4. Find a way past the magic barrier.



Travel to Effigy. Once there loot the (hidden) crate to find a Sigil of Precise Action II and a masterwork bow: Fatefinder. Speak with Renata to unlike the Burning Library location and acquire the quest An Eye for an Eye. Speak with Acalia to pick up the quest Language of the Ancients. Then travel to Burning Library.

Once there head northwest and defeat the Scarlet Chorus there and rescue the sage. Then head northeast and kill any Scarlet Chorus there. Then head into the Burning Library - Upper Ruins. Investigate the door and then speak to the Sage. You can gain some Favor with Bleden Mark if you answer sarcastically. Grab the part of the passcode off the wall behind him and then head back to the barrier and click it to open it. Speak with Fat Ulcen nearby and defeat the Scarlet Chorus. Then head north and outside to loot the (hidden) masterwork hood: Emberglow Hood. Also touch the strange rock formation outside to gain +5 to Control Fire and then head back in.

Head right and move the rubble to find a Sage. Speak with him and let him go to receive some research in the Spire Library. Then study the nearby wall to find Sigil of Strength II. Speak with Gaptooth. Defeat the Scarlet Chorus and free the Sages. Loot the nearby scrolls and push the wall down and head across the newely formed bridge. Then head down the rope (stairs icon).

Speak with Numbly to find out more information about the "game" they are playing. You will have to fight them to get past this area. Head up the stairs and loot the rocks and (hidden) cache in the statue, then loot the first parchment fragment from the wall. Then head back down the stairs and jump across the lava and defeat the Bane to gain some gems. Then head southwest, defeat the Bane there and loot the second parchment fragment. Then head up the slope

Speak to Bone Whittler. If you ask the Sages to help one will be executed. Head into the small cove just south and loot the (hidden) rock to find the masterwork staff: Unraveler's Cane. Head right, over the rubble and speak to the Sage and then loot the final parchment fragment to receive the Completed Passphrase. Head north and double back and fight the Scarlet Chorus and loot the wall to acquire a Sigil of Cyclical Energies II. Then loot the remaining containers and head down the rope.

Defeat the nearby Bane and loot Scrivner's Eye from the corpse. Loot the Dusty Missive nearby to gain evidence for A Trial of Archons and then open the barrier (top, bottom, left, right). Then loot the Sigil of Influential Domain from the scrolls above and then the Scroll of Timeless Form II near the stairs. Then head down the stairs and into The Silent Archive.

Defeat The Censor and his soldiers and then loot the Obsidian Fragment from the wall hear and the artifact: Staff of Hours. Interact with the Scroll and replace it with an artifact and then speak with ?? outside to complete the quest.




Tips & Tricks

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