History of the Oldwalls: Part II

Location The Abyss
Reward ??

History of the Oldwalls: Part II is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Reef-Talon
  • Lexeme
  • Mell



  1. Speak with Reef-Talon
  2. Meet Reef-Talon at the mural
  3. Find all the murals
  4. Return to Lexeme
  5. Meet up with Mell



  • ??


Tips & Tricks

  • Note there's 2 mural at Darkened Hollow and 2 at Fractured Depth
  • If you take Kills-in-shadow with you to examine the mural, she will unlock new skill Drowned in Darkness
  • After you discovered all the mural, you can return to Lexeme. Talk (or beat) Reef-Talon into sense.
  • Meet up with Mell after you convinced Reef-Talon back to Bastard's Wound.

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    • Anonymous

      09 Sep 2017 03:29  

      Had a glitch with with. Saw all of the murals (except that one you have to meet with Reef for) before meeting Reef the first time. Examined them. Went further into the quest, and then was unable to turn it in because the option wouldn't appear when talking to Lex, after finding that one mural.

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