Howling Rock is an location in Tyranny.

Howling Rock Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

If you sided with Disfavored, you need to help the earth shakers finish their ritual. The camp of earth shakers lies in the south of this area.

Once you reached the earth shakers' camp, Caedix and Radix will show up. They propose to use Carin's energy to destory the lands and starve the Scarlet Chorus. But to do so, they need you to ask for Graven Ashe's permission.

Once you bring back Graven Ashe's permission, Caedix and Radix will instruct you to acquire the Azurelith Lode at Stone Down Gorge, to stabilize the ritual.

When you bring back the Azurelith Lode, Scarlet chorus showed up and assult the camp, defeat them and realign the lode. (Complete the ritual will gain fear of your teammates. So if you dont want certain companion to fear you too much, dont bring him/her.)

Speak with Caedix and Radix then report to Graven Ashe.


  • Stone Sea


Howling Rock Sub Areas

  • None


Notable NPCs

  • ??




Notable Items

  • ??

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