In Pursuit of Cairn

Location Stone Down Gorge
Reward ??

In Pursuit of Cairn is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Octave



  1. Journey to Howling Rock.
  2. Speak with Octave.
  3. Scout the Earthshaker compound.
  4. Retrieve the shard of Azurelith.
  5. Speak with Octave to ready the attack.
  6. Attack the Earthshakers.
  7. Disrupt the Earthshakers Ritual.
  8. Inform Nerat of Cairn's destruction.



When you first arrive extract the crystal and loot the chest to reveal a master gloves: Herbalist's Mits. Keep heading right, climb down the rope and speak with Octave. Head right and extract the crystal there. Head all the way over and right and climb all the way up and head left to discover a (hidden) Sigil of Bounding Bolts. Head back down and peer through the hole in the fence and listen to Rolo. Then speak to Octave and head to Gulfglow Oldwalls to obtain the Azurelith shard if you spared Basilon earlier. If not speak to Octave and attack the Disfavored.

After defeating the two groups, destory the first lode nearby. Then head right and defeat the next group and destroy the second lode and loot the chests nearby. Head back left and across the wooden bridge and loot the chest to discover a Drug Recipe. Then speak to Radix Ironcore. Defeat Radix Ironcore and end the Edict of Stone. Then speak with Octave and head into Howling Rock Runic Hall to access the Dawning Spire. Then head back to Cacophony and speak to Nerat.


Tips & Tricks

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