In the Shadow of the Oldwalls

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In the Shadow of the Oldwalls is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Myrek
  • Locke



  1. Go to Deserter's March.
  2. Go to Twin Rivers.
  3. Speak to Locke.
  4. Speak to Myrek.
  5. Search Locke or Myrek.
  6. Take the Keystone to Welby.
  7. Find Welby.
  8. Enter the Oldwalls.
  9. Take the Keystone to the Oldwalls entrance.
  10. Kill the Scourges.
  11. Search Flatfoot Ferris.



Travel to Deserter's March and speak with Myrek and Locke and gain a keystone to the Twin Rivers Oldwalls. Then head to Twin Rivers and assist the Bronze Brotherhood defeat the Bane. Speak with Welby and head into the Twin Rivers Oldwalls.


Tips & Tricks

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