Infused Shadows

Light Armor
  • +5% Critical Deflection
  • +5% Hit Deflection
  • +5% Graze Deflection

When Critical Hit:
On Weapon Hit for (10s):
Foe vs. Endurance:
Blinded for 10.9s

Infused Shadows is an Artifact in Tyranny


Infused Shadows Description

  •  Only Kills-in-Shadow can equip this.



Where to find / Location

  • Infused Shadows is a special artifact that can only be acquired by examining all the murals in Bastard's Wound with Kills-in-Shadow



Artifact Ability

  • Drowned in Darkness
    Kills-in-Shadow calls on the darkness to which she has grown so attuned, wreathing herself in it like a shawl. She re-enters Stealth for a short duration that scales based on Drowned in Darkness's renown.



Tips & Notes

  • ??







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