Iron Hearth is an location in Tyranny.

Iron Hearth Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

Iron Hearth is one of the stronghold of Disfavored, if you sided with Disfavored in Vendrien's Well, you can visit this place after your meeting with Tunon. Also, you need to speak with Graven Ashe everytime you complete a primary quest.

Just near the entrance, there is a Scarlet Chorus gang member arrested by Disfavored soldiers, each side has a different story, you can pass the judgement here or wait for more evidence. 

There is another judgement you can make, not far from the arrested Scarlet Chorus member, another former Scarlet Chorus member wishes to join the Disfavored. However, this is against the traditions and this man is technically speaking, a deserter. (If Verse is with you, she will point out that man made up 2 names of gangs he used to serve)

On the east eage of this map, a Disfavored officer named Acalos can give you the quest Broken Spear.

If you sided with Disfavored in ACT I, once Kyros declared that there is only one Archon can rule all Tier, you can travel here and convince Graven Ashe you are the rightful leader. You need 4 favors from Disfavored to convince him.


  • Blade Grave


Iron Hearth Sub Areas

  • None


Notable NPCs

  • ??




Notable Items

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