Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls is an location in Tyranny.

Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

When you first enter the Antechamber, you will be attacked by Bane. Kill them head right and examine the rune there Lore (40) check. Head back outside to speak with Zdenya.

Open your inventory and examine the rubbing to advance the Stirring Visions quest. Then loot the containers and head left. Look for the (hidden) brick on the wall containing many health potions and some camping supplies. Just past that are some more containers to loot and you'll start to hear creepy noises. Head into the Runic Hall.

Again examine the rune on the right Lore (40) check and inspect it in your inventory. You will not be able to complete the rubbing until you reach Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Depths, but below is a picture of the complete rubbing.



Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls Sub Areas

  • None


Notable NPCs

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Notable Items

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