Magebane Helm

Helm (Heavy)
Armor 2.5
+50 Defense vs. Spells

Magebane Helm is an Artifact in Tyranny


Magebane Helm Description

  • The Forge - Bound crafted this helmet to ward the settlement of Leithan's Crossing fron the Bane. The iron is polished to a fine sheen, and the sigils inscribed in the dark metal glow with power. the forces of kyros have long eschewed ceremonial totems in favor of more practical items. A statue or otherwise more abstract symbol could invite analysis or interpretation, while a helmet is staightforward and nothing more or less than what it is.  Even within the pragmatic confines of their art, the Forge-Bound seek perfection through iron. Enchantments are lovingly hammered into ore, and the shape of a piece is ushered through intentional stages of development



Where to find / Location



Artifact Ability

  • Arcane Unravelling - Fires a bolt of energy that exploeds in an area around the target. Weakening and Fatiguing all Bane inside the radius. Duration of these effects scales with the Magebane Helm's renown



Tips & Notes

  • If you keep this artifcat for yourself it will negatively effect Lethian's Crossing at the end of the game.
  • This can be freely placed and removed, but will negatively impact Act III if it is still in your possession.







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