Making a Stand

Location Oldwalls Breach
Reward ??

Making a Stand is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Return to Sentinel Stand.
  2. Fight to the inner keep.



This quest is obtained by defeating Tracorius in Oldwalls Breach. Head to Sentinel Stand and speak to the dying Skyblade and then loot the chest on the left. Head left and defeat the hostile forces there for some free loot and xp. Then head way right and defeat the Disfavored here, be sure to avoid the trap. Head north and loot the chests, then speak to Janos and Rumalan. If you took the Diplomat background at Character Creation you can persuade Janos to join you (needs confirmation). If not, you will have to defeat him.

Afterwards head way left and loot the armor there, then head back and climb down the rocky slope. Head up the ramp on the other side and defeat the enemies there, then speak with Jagged Remedy. Aftewards loot the chest behind him find find a masterwork hammer: Titan's Hoof. Head back and climb back up the slope and cross the bridge, which will be lowered when you get there. Loot the chest on the left then face Rumalan and defeat him. He drops the masterwork sword: Titan's Blade.

Head left and down and loot the (hidden) cache on the right to reveal the masterwork mace: Titan's Knuckle. Be wary of the trap. Head down and left for some more loot and evidence against Graven Ashe. Then head back towards Jagged Remedy and loot the chests around him before heading into the storm.

Once through speak with the Skyblade and defeat them. Loot the chest behind them and disarm the trap to the left. Speak with Straydus Herodin and then defeat the Regents of Stalwart and then open the gate. Head into the courtyard and defeat the enemies on the left and loot the Potion of Might. Head north and defeat the enemeis and find (hidden) in some rocks the masterwork two-handed sword: Ringblade. Then head back to the middle of the courtyard and defeat the Regens of Stalwart there. Loot their corpses and then defeat the next group to the right.

Loot the containers around and gain the plans for the artifact: Crashing Thunder. Climb up the wall and loot the container for some gems and crafting materials. Climb back down, head up the stairs and defeat the enemies there and then loot the containers to head into the Hall of Regents.

Once inside, loot the corpses and confront Straydus Herodin. Defeat him and his forces and then decide his fate. If you let Mattias kill him you will gain major favor with the Unbroken. Loot his corpse to find a masterwork shield: Faithful Promise. Loot the (hidden) brick on the wall to find a Sigil of Staggering Force and a Sigil of Volleys. Speak with Amelia in the next room and determine her fate. You can convince her to take the baby to Nerat or you can kill her and take the baby. Return to Nerat to complete the quest.

Disfavored path

If you sided with Disfavored, talk to the Disfavored scout and examine the strom. A Unbroken scout showed up, after the conversation, check the body to get trace of Amelia.

After you acquired the artifact at Ocean Spire, you can back back and pass the storm. The Regent Soldiers still hold their fort, and refuse to surrender.

You need to fight your way through the fort, but after you strike down the regent, Kyro's Edict did not stop. Amelia showed up in unbroken uniform, and said her has fallen in love with regent's son, and give birth to a daughter. You, as Tunon's fatebinder, need to judge this case, whether to kill that infant girl to end Kyro's Edict. If you have high Lore skill, you can just disinheriting that infant to end the edict.


Tips & Tricks

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