Matani Sybil

Gender Female
Faction Vendrien Guard
Location Echocall Crossing

Matani Sybil is a NPC in Tyranny. 


Matani Sybil Information

  • Found guarding the drawbridge at Echocall Crossing.
  • Found again defending the Echocall Village during The Battle of Echocal Crossing.


Associated Quests


Dialogue Options

  • The is a Lore 32 check when first speaking with her. If you pass it you will gain favor with the Vendrien Guard and 33XP.
  • There are further dialogue options in her second encounter:
  • Letting Matani escape will lose you Barnik minor loyalty, and optionally also gain minor fear.
    Following through with allowing them to escape will gain you Major Favor with the Vendrien Guard, whilst changing your mind will earn average Wrath.
    Allowing her to escape will also result in losing minor favor with Disfavoured and Scarlet Chorus, and possibly wrath with the Chorus.
  • Killing Matani gains you favor with the Disfavoured, but lose with Scarlet Chorus
  • Letting the villagers go will gain favour with the Vendrien Guard, but create fear with Barik.



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