Midnight Wanderer


Bastard's Wound

Reward ??

Midnight Wanderer is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Eisly



  1. Speak with Eisly
  2. Follow Insipid Moniker
  3. Return to Eisly
  4. Talk to Telesophia
  5. Speak with Argaen
  6. Meet Argaen at Shattered Bastion
  7. Return to Telesophia
  8. Find the hidden object
  9. Return to barrier
  10. Find Insipid Moniker
  11. Return to Eisly



  • Talk to Eisly after you helped one of the leaders of Bastard's Wounds to get this quest.
  • Wait till evening (during conversation), then went through southern portal to Darkened Hollow
  • There is a barrier blocked your way, return to Eisly, and she sends you to telesophia for help
  • Telesohpia needs you to kill a rogue Earthshaker, named Argaen. Trick Argaen to Shattered Bastion. Find him at the west side of the area and kill him
  • Telesophia tells you there is a token hidden behind the chorus flag that can control the barrier, acquire the token then back to the barrier.
  • Find the Insipid Moniker and decide what to do with her operation here. Whatever you do, report to Eisly to complete the quest.


Tips & Tricks

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