Mountain Spire in Tyranny is one of many Spires that can be acquired by the player. Mountain Spire is located in Vendrien's Well and becomes accessible once the player has released the valley from the Edict.


Mountain Spire Information

Once you have unlocked the Mountain Spire, you will be able to access it through the Spires tab in your in game menus.


Recruits 0/6

Name Description Cost
Revos A merchant with a motley collection of items for sale. Revos will also create Camping Supplies periodically. 10 Bronze Rings
Saetus A skill trainer who teaches Unarmed Attacks, Parry, Dodge and Subterfuge. 10 Bronze Rings
Isolon A skill trainer who teaches One-Handed Weapons, Parry and Athletics. 20 Bronze Rings
Sword-Breaker A skill trainer who teaches Two-Handed Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Dodge and Athletics. 5 Bronze Rings
Corpse Eye A battlefield scavenger with many unique items for sale. 20 Bronze Rings
Tanara A skill trainer who teaches One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Parry and Dodge. 7 Bronze Rings & 50 Copper Rings
Kenrick A smith who regularly produces weapons. 25 Bronze Rings
Lone-Fang An old Beastwoman who regularly provides food to take into battle. 25 Bronze Rings
Tychon the Swindler [Conquest] A swindler from the Bastard City who is able to 'acquire' valuable items left unattended. 20 Bronze Rings
Lysandra [Conquest] A skill trainer who teaches Control Life, Control Vigor, Control Atrophy, Control Gravelight, and the use of the Magic staff. 5 Bronze Rings


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