Neutral Walkthrough

If you've sided with no one or want to ally the Vendrien Guard and be a more benevolent character, opting for freedom for the people of the tiers, this walkthrough is for you.

The following order is recommended based on events that occur in these locations besides their main plots. There are points in the game where you can go multiple locations at once, so please keep in mind these are not fixed in stone. For more complete walkthroughs, click on each location.



1. Edgering Ruins

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in Edgering Ruins.

2. Disfavored Camp

Deliver the Edict to the Archons in the Disfavored Camp, and speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos there afterwards to progress The Battle of Echocall Crossing quest. Speak with Isotanis to pick up the Forge-Bound Iron quest.

3. Scarlet Chorus Camp

Speak with Fifth Eye and interrogate the prisoners to progress the Taking the Outer Valley quest. Speak with Death Knell to pick up The Way of the Horde quest.

At some point after this, your first encounter with Eb will happen. Make sure to tell her the truth, politely.

4. Remote Settlement (optional)

If you picked up this quest from Death Knell in the Scarlet Chorus Camp, defeat the Vendrien Guard in the Remote Settlement for some xp and loot.

5. Echocall Crossing

Let the villagers and the captains of Vendrien Guard at Echocall Crossing and pick up the clue to the iron needed for the Forge-Bound Iron quest, in a bin next to the drawbridge lever.

6. Echocall Village

Alllow the the Vendrien Guard to escape and decide the fate of the village. The Forge-Bound Iron is located in the house of Old Man Mua, who will appear after defeating Matani Sybil.

7. Tripnettle Wilderness

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in the area. Allow Pelox Florian and his team to escape.

8. Secluded Grove

Meet with the Vendrien Guard and take them into your service.

8.1 Northern Clearing (optional)

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in the Northern Clearing and rescue the Earthshakers.

9. Disfavored Camp

Turn in Forge-Bound Iron and Earthshaker Reinforcements then head to the tent so speak with the Archons. Chose whichever side to make them fight, lie to them about joining their cause

10. Vendrien's Well Citadel

Meet with Tarkis Arri and defend the citadel.
11. Eastern Courtyard

Defend the courtyard, defeat the opposing general come to attack you.

12. Citadel Barracks

Defeat the enemies here and head into the Ascension Hall.

13. Ascension Hall

Defeat the enemy general and end the Edict.

14. Mountain Spire

Interact with the Spire.

15. Tunon's Court

Speak with Tunon.

16. Ascension Hall

Speak with Tarkis Arri in Ascenion Hall.

17. Lethian's Crossing

Speak with Zdenya and watch the placement of the Magebane Helm.

18. Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls

Defeat the Bane inside the Oldwalls.

19. Lethian's Crossing

Defeat Raetommon's men and speak to Eldian.

20. Deserter's March

Speak with Myrek and Locke and acquire a keystone to Twin Rivers Oldwalls.

21. Twin Rivers

Defeat the Bane and assist the Bronze Brotherhood. Then head into Twin Rivers Oldwalls.

22. Twin Rivers Oldwalls

Defeat Raetommon and the Havoc and rescue Zdenya. Ally with Bronze Brotherhood or Forge-Bound.

23. Sunset Spire

Claim Sunset Spire.

23. Lethian's Crossing

Speak with Eldian.

24. Ascension Hall

Speak with Tarkis Arri and Zdenya.

25. Sentinel Stand

Speak with Janos.

26. Duskwatch Fort

 Defend Duskwatch Fort.

27. Trapper's Junction

Speak with Mattias and defeat the Scarlet Chorus.

28. Infested Oldwalls (Optional)

Defeat the Bane and retrieve the artifact: Dauntless.

29. Rust Canyons (Optional)

Help the Unbroken defeat the Disfavored.

30. Oldwalls Breach

Defeat the Bane and head into Blade Grave Oldwalls.

31. Blade Graves Oldwalls

Defeat the Havoc and retrieve the Steadfast Insignia.

32. Ocean Spire

Claim Ocean Spire.

33. Sentinel Stand

Defeat the Regent's forces.

34. Hall of Regents

Defeat Straydus Herodin in the Hall of Regents and decide what to do with the child.

35. Ascension Hall

Speak with Tarkis Arri.

36. Effigy

Speak with Renata.

37. Burning Library

Find your way to The Silent Archive.

38. The Silent Archive

Decide what to do with the artifact.

39. Ascention Hall

Speak with Tarkis Arri.

40. Mountain Spire

Declare an Edict.

41. Vendrien's Well Citadel

Defeat the Scarlet Chorus.

42. Mountain Spire

Speak with the Fatebinder.

43. Howling Rock (Optional)



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