Never Free

Location Iron Hearth
Reward --

Never Free is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Speak with Barik
  2. Speak with Graven Ashe with Barik's condition
  3. Return to the smith 
  4. Return to Edgering ruins
  5. Check on Barik on Mountain Spire


  • Ask Graven Ashe to lift his bonds to Barik. Or after winning his loyalty, bring Barik to him and require him to do so. Alternatively, you can promote Barik to a commander, this will also lift Graven Ashe 's protection.
  • Royal blood is needed to remove Barik's armor, you can use the unbroken heir's blood, or Archon blood, or travel to Edgering ruins to collect queen's blood


Tips & Tricks

  • This quest is only available when you become an Archon
  • Barik will have a new portrait if you remove his armor, and another one if you make him bathe

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    • Anonymous

      Might be nice to know which smiths can actually do this. I know the answers are somewhere on this site - as I have seen them somewhere; but the names and locations should properly be lain out in each of the corresponding quest tabs for ease of access. Not having such important aspects accessible with any ease when bothering to look up quests - which implies the interested party does not care about spoilers as much as getting the sequence correct - means this quest is essentially EVEN MORE "track down" work to complete. Which is probably why most players will never see him out of armor in the first place. Especially since it gains average loyalty to just ask him to stay in the armor, which he seems inclined to do for some odd reason. (I personally think he should be a bit more desperate not to be crushed or vexed he's basically a walking super magnet, but that's just me)

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