Sigil of Stone

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Sigil of Stone is an Sigil in Tyranny


Sigil of Stone Description

Evoking energy through the Sigil of Stone takes great force of will as rock is not easily shaped to a human's desire.

Perhaps the newest magical Sigil on Terratus, the Sigil of Stone was developed by disciples of the Archon Cairn. Since the Archon of Stone's destruction by Kyros' Edict in the year 430 TR, the Earth Shaker mages have devoted themselves to preserving Cairn's legacy and learning to harness the power of this obdurate Sigil.



Possible Spells



Where to Find/Location

  • Touch the purple crystal formation at Jagged Maw Shrine in the Stone Sea.
  • As a rebel you can find it while in Plainsgate/Halfgate(?), in the Stone Sea, the northernmost corner within a "home", just talk to the imprisoned disfavored Earthshaker and ask "why would I help", he will teach you the sigill for giving him mercy/killing him (minor favor for Disfavored).
  • It can be bought from Quartermaster in Iron Hearth for 45 bronze rings if the player sides with the Disfavored.







    • Anonymous

      14 Nov 2016 20:57  

      Noticed this spell can also be bought from the vendor in Disfavored main camp Iron Hearth if you have sided with Disfavored during first campaign.

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