Sigil of Atrophy

Core Sigils
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Sigil of Atrophy is an Sigil in Tyranny


Sigil of Atrophy Description

  • Channeling energy through the Sigil of Atrophy robs the target of vital energy, crippling their body and mind.

    Atrophy was discovered centuries ago in the East by a cult of mages trying to find a path to eternal life by draining the energies of mundanes. This wariation on the sigil of the Archon of Ruin was found to have its own powers. The cult grew in power before being stopped bt a Fatebinder sent to judge them.



Possible Spells 



Where to Find/Location

  • Echocall Crossing, as soon as you enter the map, head left. If you're on the plateau with the wounded soldiers you're already too far north.
  • ??







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