Sigil of Emotions

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Sigil of Emotions is an Sigil in Tyranny


Sigil of Emotions Description

The energies evoked by the Sigil of Emotions both fortify and undermine the mental humors, creating passions in the target ranging from apathy to blinding rage.

The Blood Chanters of the Scarlet Chorus are the self-professed masters of the Sigil of Emotions, having developed the technique through the study of Sirin, Archon of Song.



Possible Spells



Where to Find/Location

  • One can be purchased at the Spire Forge if you hire Ragus (I think items are somewhat random, so this is not reliable)
  • One is given by a Blood Chanter in Tunon's Court if during the conquest you gave the tidecaster's to the Voices of Nerat.
  • One is found in Blade Grave Oldwalls in the chest above the Havoc (requires Twin Rivers Oldwall Torchkeys)
  • One is sold by Botlok in Burning Library Entrance, if you are friendly with the Scarlet Chorus







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    • Anonymous

      29 Nov 2016 00:07  

      Boltok has it for sale outside of the Burning Library (south east part of the map) for me in a Scarlet Chorus aligned play-through

      • Anonymous

        22 Nov 2016 19:09  

        Ragus didn't have this or any sigils for me. it may be linked to progress in the story or one of the recipes you find for the forge. Disfavored Path.

        • Anonymous

          21 Nov 2016 22:43  

          In Blade Grave Oldwalls chest surrounded by rectangular trap pattern (on a raised platform, access requires using Emir/Emerald Torchkey from Lethian's Crossing branch). Obtained during Disfavored playthrough, no idea if chest contents are randomized.

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