Sigil of Terratus

Core Sigils
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Sigil of Terratus is an Sigil in Tyranny


Sigil of Terratus Description

  • Summon and control the light of Terratus Grave - the cold moon that shines on Kyros' empire.

    Gravelight leeches energy from its targets, dealing damage and converting it to health for the caster.



Possible Spells 



Where to Find/Location

  • Speak to Eb (Requires Fear 3 or Loyalty 4)
  • ??







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    • Anonymous

      23 Nov 2016 00:52  

      You can demand that she must teach you such sigil when she asks not to kill her - first time she says about the book of her master - but you can insist and she will agree to teach you (Fear rises)

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