Slash/Pierce (base 12-15) vs. Parry
Attack Skills
 One-Handed Weapons
Armor Penetration

On Weapon Crit:

  • Target vs. Endurance
  • Frozen Affliction (base 12s)

Snowfang is an Artifact in Tyranny


Snowfang Description

Though masters of their craft, some secrets of smithing elude even the Forge-Bound.

This blade was inspired by the weapons wielded by the Ice-Shod people of the North -- a former tribe of hunters who used the powers of the Archon of Snow to harden ice into capable weapons. After they were absorbed into Kyros' Empire they buried the secret of ice craft with their old culture, and naught but stories and rare antiques remain.

Seeking to revive their methods, the Forge-Bound experimented with a "cold forge" that fell short of yielding the desired result. Most metals simply shattered under pressure after they failed to assume a stable form. A mixture of random chance and imperfections in the ore yielded this one successful result. The curved blade absorbed the magic of the smiths and crackles like the surface of a frozen pond.

Whether or not it is as impressive as the weapons of the old is for the ancient Ice-Shod to judge.


Where to find / Location

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Artifact Ability: Winter's Fang

  • Freeze an enemy, sealing their fate. When the effect ends, the ice reforms dealing massive Frost damage. Damage scales with Snowfang's Renown.



Tips & Notes

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