Steadfast Insignia


Steadfast Insignia is an Artifact in Tyranny


Steadfast Insignia Description

  • Fashioned in the likeness of a Stalwart battle standard, this emblem was worn by every First Regent since the Realm was carved from the stone of the Tiers. Originally nothing more than an officer's finery, the Steadfast Insignia swelled in the popularity as those who wore it earned their deserving titles as war heroes. The Insignia developed a reputation as the architect of victory over time, and the secret of success on the battlefield. As its recognition grew, the armies of Stalwart learned to rise up against any odds when the insignia was present - a streak that held with admirable consistency until the Insignia was lost amid Stalwart's war against the Northern Empire.



Where to find / Location

  • Dropped by Havoc in Blade Grave Oldwalls
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Artifact Ability

  • Allows you to bypass the storm in Sentinel Stand.
  • After you bypass the storm it turns into an equippable accessory, giving +3 Resolve and granting access to artifact ability and Renown.
  • Steadfast Stand

 Grants nearby allies Resolve and an increased resistance to being knocked prone or pushed back. These effects scale with the Steadfast Insignia's Renown.


Tips & Notes

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