Strike at the Hearth

Location Cacophony
Reward ??

Strike at the Hearth is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Voices of Nerat
  • Graven Ashe



  1. Speak with the Voices of Nerat.
  2. March on Iron Hearth.
  3. Defeat Graven Ashe's forces.
  4. Confront Graven Ashe.



Travel to Cacophony and speak with the Voices of Nerat and then travel to Iron Hearth. When you get to Iron Hearth defeat the first group then head right and defeat the second. Loot the cropes and a (hidden) container with the masterwork staff: Eojah's Calling in it and then head left. Defeat the group here and loot the corpses and second (hidden) container. Then head north and wipe out the group there, looting anything you find. Lastly head through the gate and confront Graven Ashe. Loot the artifact: Peacemaker from his corpse and the masterwork spear: Maric's Blacken Spear and return to Nerat.

You can sacrifice one of your Companions to gain the allegiance of the Scarlet Chorus or you can attack him. Either way you will remain an ally to the Scarelet Chorus as his personality will be replaced with the member you sacrifice.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??

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