Taking the Outter Valley

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Taking the Outter Valley is a Quest in Tyranny

The Scarlet Chorus are currently attempting to secure the outer ring of Vendrien's Well. You'll need to help them deal with rebel forces in the area before Kyros' armies may safely march upon the Citadel.


Important NPCs

  • The Fifth Eye
  • Variah
  • Lantry
  • Pelox Florian
  • Fake Limp



  1. Speak with the Fifth Eye at the Scarlet Chorus camp.
  2. Interrogate Variah
  3. Travel to Tripnettle Wilderness
  4. Locate the rebel captain
  5. Defeat Pelox Florian
  6. Eliminate the Vendrien Guard reinforcements
  7. Return to Fake Limp
  8. Attend the meeting of Archons



  • This quest is acquired after meeting with Archons, to finish it, you need to speak with the Fifth eye first, he can be found at Scarlet Chorus camp.
  • Speak to the prisoners captured to find out the plan of enemies. If your subterfuge skill is high you can tell she is lying at first.
  • After You made the prisoner speak the truth, you can get a encrypted letter, another prisoner, Lantry, claim he can decipher it, inexchange of his life. If you have high enough favors from Scarlet Chorus or your conversation and Athletics skills are high, you can order them to release the prisoner to you, or you ll have to fight Scarlet Chorus to get Lantry.
  • Now move to Tripnettle Wilderness, there you will find a member of Scarlet Chorus called Fake Limp, he will tell you to defeat Pelox Florian.
  • Pelox Florian is on the east of Fake Limp, with some other enemies. You need to defeat him, but not kill him, so Voice of Nerat can get useful information from that man.
  • After you defeat Pelox Florian, some enemies will ambush you, defeat them and report to Fake Limp.


Tips & Tricks

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