Slash/Pierce(Base 28 - 37) vs. Parry
Attack Skills
Two-Handed Weapons
Armor Penetration
On Weapon Crit:
  • Damage: Shock (base 24-36) vs. Endurance
  • Range: 1m

Tempest is an Artifact in Tyranny


Tempest Description

Legends tells of a Spire repeatedly struck by lightning until it crumbled to the ground.

Amid the devastation left in its wake, ancient explores found a conspicuous length of iron that seemed to have attracted and absorbed the worst of the storm's onslaught. After painstakingly shaping the iron into a capable weapon, the wielder was chastised for drawing violent weather during every hunt. The blade dubbed Tempest was hidden in the Oldwalls to keep its unpredicted energy under strick guard.

Whatever fury the elements unleashed on this weapon has not diminished for its time spent in the Oldwalls. The hilt vibrates in your hand, and the air around you feels constantly tense with expection.



Where to find / Location

  • In the chest above the Havoc in the Lethian's Crossing Oldwells.



Artifact Ability

  • Conjure Stormclouds overhead, bombarding the area with lightning. Bolts of lightning damage foes in an area around the strike. Damage scales with Tempest's Renown.




1 2 3 4 5


Tips & Notes

  • Ability is similar to a Lightning descent spell, centered around the caster.







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    • Anonymous

      03 Feb 2017 12:04  

      I'm a little confused about artifacts. It's like, yeah you get a cool ability, but the weapons base damage isn't that great and it can't be upgraded. This one in particular is about 10 points of damage worse than the axe that drops of the guy you kill right before finding it. Am I missing something? Doesn't seem worth it to me.

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