Gender Male
Faction Lethian's Crossing
Location Lethian's Crossing

Tharek is a NPC in Tyranny. 


Tharek Information

  • A merchant in Lethian's Crossing that sells armor and Medical supplies
  • ???


Associated Quests

  • ??


Dialogue Options

  • If you say that Tharek can sell at whatever price he wants, you will gain minor wrath with the Scarlet Chorus, but favor with Tunon.
  • If you tell Tharek, to give a discount you will gain minor favor with the Scarlet Chorus and gain Loyalty with Eb.
  • If you make Tharek give a discount on medical supplies you will gain very minor favor with the Scarlet Chorus.
  • If you tell them neither is to speak to one another no favor is gained or lost.



  • ??


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