The Battle of Echocall Crossing

Location Disfavored Camp
Reward ??

The Battle of Echocall Crossing is a Quest in Tyranny

Echocall Crossing must be taken before Kyro's forces can press their attack on the Vendrien's Well Citadel. Help the Disfavored subdue the rebels and take control of the Crossing.


Important NPCs

  • Iron Marshal Erenyos
  • Antio
  • Bitter Quip
  • Matani Sybil



  1. Speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos.
  2. Meet with Antio at Echocall Crossing.

Scarlet Chorus Path:

  1. Attack the eastern bridge.
  2. Report back to Bitter Quip
  3. Cross the river at the western bridge.
  4. Lower the bridge.
  5. Continue into Echocall Village.
  6. Secure Echocall Village.



  • Iron Marshal Enrenyos can be found in Disfavored camp, she instruct you to find Bitter Quip, and plan the attack.
  • Find Antio at Echocall Crossing
  • Scarlet Chorus Path:
    • Attack the eastern bridge. (An opprtunity to earn Minor Favor with the Vendrien Guard available for 32 Lore)
    • Report back to Bitter Quip (+20xp for each party member)
    • Cross the river at the western bridge. Requires Athletics check.
    • When on the other side of the river, an Athletics 32 check breaks the enemy formation, but gains you minor wrath with the Vendrien Guard.
  • Continue to Echocall Village / Secure the Village: You will run around the village and loot / fight some soldiers until you face Matani Sybil. You have some reputation options with her
  • Letting Matani escape will lose you Barnik minor loyalty, and optionally also gain minor fear.
  • For maximum Vendrien Guard Favor: Chose option 1, then allow her to leave as well.
  • Following through with allowing them to escape will gain you Major Favor with the Vendrien Guard, whilst changing your mind will earn average Wrath.
    Allowing her to escape will also result in losing minor favor with Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus, and possibly wrath with the Chorus.
    Killing Matani gains you favor with the Disfavored, but lose with Scarlet Chorus
    Letting the villagers go will gain favour with the Vendrien Guard, but create fear with Barik.
  • Allowing the settlers to run before razing the settlement generates Wrath with Vendrien Guard and Favor with Disfavored.
  • Conscripting the villagers and keeping the settlement gains minor wrath with the Vendrien Guard and average favor with the Scarlet Chorus. You will also gain average fear with Barik.


Tips & Tricks

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