The Defense of Haven

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Reward ??

The Defense of Haven is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • ??



  1. Travel to Ascension Hall.
  2. Travel to Lethian's Crossing.
  3. Rescue Eldian or Matani Sybil.
  4. Repulse the Bane or aid the settlers.
  5. Help your ally or put out the building's fire.
  6. Stop Kallista and her soldiers or save Pelox Florian.
  7. Return to the settlement entrance.


  1. Defeat Iron Guard Anthimon.
  2. Talk to Eldian.
  3. Talk to Matani Sybil.
  4. Secure the Moonrise District.
  5. Secure the Sunrise District.



  • ??


Tips & Tricks

  • Saving Pelox gives you some support in the fight against Anthimon.
  • @5.  putting out the building's fire saves merchants you can have access to
  • you can "ignore" the banes (at least in my playthrough, might be bugged though) and rather help the settlers (you want to rule over SOMEONE in the end, right?)

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