The Fire Inside

Location Merchant Crossroads
Reward Stances for Verse

The Fire Inside is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Read the missive from Voices of Nerat
  2. Talk to Verse about the missive regarding her sisters.
  3. Travel to Merchant Crossroads and meet with Verse's contact
  4. Intercept Krokus at Hunter's Respite
  5. Locate Irrisa at the Torn Strand
  6. Find Clea at River's Break



  • After you read the missive and talked to Verse, Travel to Merchant Crossroads with her, and let her do the talking with Malphora. Malphora will tell you where the slayer is hiding.
  • Krokus, the man you are looking for is hiding at Hunter's Respite. Before you fight him, you can use athletic skill to scare off two of his henchmen. After you defeated the man you can learn the names of two other fury-slayers, and decide to kill him or let him leave, kill him will please Verse and unlock Seeking-Sheath stance of her. You may also decide what to do with the merchant's daughter.
  • A group of Unbroken can be found in Torn Strand, if you sided with Kyro's forces, you have no choice but to fight them. From their bodies you can find the clue of your next destination.
  • Finally, travel to River's Break and talk to Essa and learn her story. Then you can judge her or let Verse decide (she must be in team). If you let Verse decide, she will let Essa live, what ever you do will complete the quest The Fire Inside, and upgrade Verse's Three Whispers stance.


Tips & Tricks

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