The Silent Archive is a location in Tyranny.

The Silent Archive Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

If you sided with Disfavored, some Scarlet Chorus forces will show up and stop you from getting the Slient Archive, defeat them.

There is an artifact, Staff of Hours hidden to the north of the shrine. You may want to acquire it before you decide what to do with the Archive, as once you take the Silent Archive or choose to destroy it, this place is locked for good.

Decide what to do with the Silent Archive and end Kyros' Edict.

If you're not on the Disfavoured path and have sufficient Lore skill, have read the sage notes, and have an unequipped artifact you can exchange it with the Silent Archive as the spell focus to preserve the Library.


  • Contested Lands


The Silent Archive Sub Areas

  • None


Notable NPCs

  • ??



  • Extinguishing the Flames


Notable Items

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