The Stones of Elucidation

Location Oldwalls Breach
Reward Scroll: Sigil of Reaching Grasp

The Stones of Elucidation is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Retrieve the Stones of Elucidation for Hieronymous.
  2. Give the stones to Hieronymous.



Speak with Hieronymous in Oldwalls Breach to receive this quest. Once received you will need to search the Blade Graves Oldwalls for the two stones. The first stone is located just to the left of the main room where the Havoc is located in Blade Grave Oldwalls. After you lower the stairs with the swith on the floor, head up the now lowered stairs on the left and through the door there. The first Stone of Elucidation is in this room.

The second Stone of Elucidation is in Blade Grave Oldwalls - West. It is located to the southwestern part of the map, behind a door that only opens with a switch in a nearby hallway. The catch with this hallway is that the door to it closes when you hit the switch so you will need to use one party member to hit the switch while the other 3 wait in the other room. Once the door is open, defeat the Bane in the room guarding the Stone and loot the Sigil from the wall there.


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    • Anonymous

      17 Nov 2016 23:52  

      Location of the second Stone of Elucidation:

      "If you didnt find it yet, the second stone is in the low-right corner of left stairs map. ther's bane marked on map"

      - taken from Steam Discussion Thread

      • Anonymous

        14 Nov 2016 16:47  

        So funny, not bothering to write down the locations of the stones on this page but refering to a breach between worlds instead ... and then not writing down both locations on that page either... :-/

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